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In The Vines GS Blend 2021 (Six Pack)

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The GS Blend

Locked in over a little pandemic we got to thinking, what can we do differently with our ‘family and friends’ label? What do we like to drink over great lunches? Chilled Grenache. Approaching our really nice neighbour, growers of some of the finest grapes around, a joint family day picnic was arranged, and with their kids helping out, we picked enough to make a barrel. With grenache and shiraz resting in the cellar, we had an epiphany! Should we make a blend?? Extensive kitchen bench testing followed, and that is how you have our GS, in your glass. Delicious. Hand picked, open fermented, basket pressed, and matured in France’s finest. These varieties work perfectly together, subtle complexities of candied fruit, cinnamon with lifted notes of spice. Chill for twenty minutes, enjoy with warm duck salad, or quietly on its own… perfect.

In The Vines GS Blend, us and the neighbour

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